Apapacho Films, Mexico City, Mexico
-Toonboom Animator on unannounced Uruguayan/Argentinean/Columbian series, Season 1

Staffordshire University, Stoke-on-Trent, England
-Traditional Animation Lecturer for 5 week advanced animation workshop

Passion Pictures, London, England
-Toonboom Animator on unannounced Apple TV= series, Season 1

Surfing Giant, Altrincham, England
-Toonboom Lead Animator supervising 4 animators on Disney+ series, “Hey AJ” Season 1

Studio RedFrog, Lille, France
-Toonboom Traditional Animator on HBO Max series, “Tiny Toons Looniversity” Season 1

Flix, Manchester, England
-Toonboom/After Effects Senior Animator on Channel 5 Milkshake series, “World According to Grandpa” Season 2
-Character Designer on unannounced project

Fourth Wall, Liverpool, England
-Toonboom Lead Animator supervising 10 animators and 1 senior animator on Channel 5 Milkshake series, “Milo” Season 1
-Toonboom Lead Traditional FX Animator on Channel 5 Milkshake series, “Milo” Season 1

Brown Bag Films, Manchester, England
-Toonboom Lead Animator supervising 3 animators on Universal series, “Powerbirds” Season 1
-Toonboom Lead Animator supervising 4 animators on Netflix tv specials, “Magic School Bus Returns”
-Toonboom Animator on Nickelodeon series, “Nella the Princess Knight”. Season 1 and 2

Floyd County Productions, Atlanta, GA
-After Effects Animator on FX series, “Archer”. Season 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8
-Spine Animator on Archer, P.I phone app

Lowbrow Studios, Brooklyn, NY
-Toonboom Animator on Facebook series, Humans Kind Of
-Flash Animator on the web series, Cyanide and Happiness. Season 3
-Flash Animator on web series, After Credits

Pig Apple, Brooklyn, NY
- After Effects Animator on Netflix series, “The Get Down”
- After Effects Animator on Univision webseries, “Heads of Space”
- After Effects Animator on web series Schick and UCB presents “Epic Tales from the Barbershop”

Kameleon studios, Atlanta, GA
-Traditional Animation director on Tax Trouble Help Man commercial

Larry and his Band, New York, NY
-Flash Animator on Cartoon Network Europe series, “Team Toon”

Soup 2 Nuts, Watertown, MA
-After Effects Animator on the book adaptions, Too Many Toys, Robot Zot, Curious Garden, Kids Make Terrible Pets, Red Hen, Good Night Good Night Construction Site, and Christmas Splat

Big Fott Studios, White Creeks, TN
-Traditional Animator on the book adaptions, I'm Fast and All the World

Plymptoons, New York, NY
-Traditional Animator on a short, Global Guard Dog Jam

Littlest Angel LLC, Farmington Hills, MI
-Storyboard Artist for the 3D feature film, "The Littlest Angel"

Flicker Pix, Holywood, Northern Ireland
-Storyboard Artist/After Effects Animator on BBC-NI series, “Wee Wise Words”

Kinetic Post, Southfield, MI
-After Effects Animator on BBC series, “3rd and Bird”
-After Effects Animator on Nick Jr series, “Wonderpets”

Thunderbean Animation, Ann Arbor, MI
-Traditional Animator on Vito's Pizza Commercial
-Traditional Animator on Capri Drive In commercial

Software skills
Toonboom Harmony, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Flash, Esoteric Spline
Ftrack, Shotgun 


College for Creative Studies, Detroit, MI- 2006 BFA in Animation and Digital Media